God’s Covenant, Part 1 – Preface

Over the years I have sought to grasp what Scripture has to say about what Gods overall plan or purpose is in all that it reveals. The Scripture is a large book just in terms of its literary content. When you add the spiritual nature and depth of what that content is, then it swells to proportions greater than the universe. Scripture has many things to say about God’s works but what does it all mean, what is its conclusion? And what about the relationship of the beginning of history to its end, what does Scripture teach about this? Scripture being the revelation of God it most certainly must address these questions in some observable format. The format of Scripture is comprehended in a single formula known as God’s covenant. It is obvious of course that Scripture is a book about God, His Son Jesus Christ and salvation. This obvious theme does not explain in itself the overall structure in Scripture that everything hangs upon. So it has been the purpose of my interest now for many a year to seek to discover that meaning, that observable structure that lies within the pages of Scripture. This essay entitled “God’s Covenant” is the substance of my discovery on these matters to date. It will follow a simple outline that is broken down into sections of developing thought and delivered in a series of short articles.

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