Romans, I. Paul’s Introduction, 1:1-17

I. Paul’s Introduction, 1:1-17

A. Paul greets the Roman church, 1:1-7

Paul introduces us to his book by first introducing us to himself in its opening verse. Although never having had the opportunity to meet these saints formally in their church, yet, Paul was known publically as the apostle of Jesus Christ. Paul was also known by those Roman believers who came to minister to him in prison. But Paul greets the Roman church not only as an apostle but as a believer too. In Paul’s greeting it is clear that his aim was to put forth the great doctrines of the faith to the believers in the Roman church. This is evident in his statement concerning the promises of Scripture; concerning the deity of God’s Son; concerning the Lordship of Jesus Christ; concerning the power of God; concerning the Holy Spirit; concerning the resurrection, and other things that pertain to the obedience of the Christian faith.

As in all letters that are written to those who are loved, warm salutations are expressed by Paul to the believers at Rome. Nowhere in this introduction does Paul speak as if he were anything other than the Lord’s servant. Rather, even in his personal remarks at the beginning of this letter written by Paul, he labors to put forth the glorious gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. After introducing himself to the church Paul quickly wants to direct their attention to the Lord and away from himself. Completely absent in this greeting is any language that conveys episcopal authority such as is common with papal pronouncements. It should be noted too, that it was Paul who wrote to the Roman church, and not Peter of whom it is claimed that he was the first Roman Bishop. No such thing is stated in this greeting made to all those who were in Rome.



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