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Who Chooses Elders?

A Critique of Contemporary Practice in the Modern Reformed Baptist Church


The occasion which led me to write this paper was one in which I had some personal involvement. It arose from of a situation within a particular Reformed Baptist church I was in association with. However, I was not a member of this particular church. The reason why this was so may be ascertained by reading a previous paper I wrote entitled Reformed Baptist ideas of Authority. What I want to do now is to speak on one particular issue touched on in the previous essay. This and other issues are a huge factor in my decision to dissociate myself from not only that local church, but with Reformed Baptists in general. The subject of this essay is entitled Who Chooses Elders? It seeks to expose what I see as a fundamental problem within the Reformed Baptist church in the area of its polity. I have in the past been a member in two other Reformed Baptist churches, so I can speak with some authority on this problem as I have witnessed it from my own personal experience. What I have seen in these churches is a certain kind of disfunctionality due to a completely unbiblical approach to its church order. Continue reading


Reformed Baptist Ideas of Authority

A critical examination of the Reformed Baptist Ministry


I have purposed here to write a critique of the Reformed Baptist ministry; this is done out of the conviction that it is a most necessary thing to do. Having been a Christian for thirty years, I have been exposed to a great many things in the Christian church that deserve criticism. But there are few things that strike me as worthy of it more than the ideas men hold on authority in the Reformed Baptist ministry. Fifteen years of my time as a Christian in the American church has been spent in association with the Reformed Baptist church. Therefore, I feel compelled, as well as especially qualified to write on some of the issues I have personally witnessed firsthand. Since I had been a part of this particular church identity for a considerable period of time, I have formed my own personal perspective on what constitutes its idea of authority. I am referring to Elder authority in particular, as this is a major theme as well as source of controversy in these churches. I have ruminated long and hard upon the subject before coming to the point that I would write about it. Also, I have studied the issues surrounding this matter from church history as part of the formation of my present thinking. Continue reading

´╗┐Characteristics that are Common to all Reformed Churches


We live in a time when distinctions of all sorts have become blurred. Part of this phenomenon is due to a post modern insistence on total subjectivity when it comes to determining the truth. For many, words and terms take on meanings that are entirely at the discretion of the user without any regard to their historical usage. One of the most exasperating things about this for me as a reformed protestant Christian is the way in which the term “reformed” is often used today. Continue reading