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The Reformation At 500 Conference

This year I attended a different conference than the one I usually attend in October. The conference was sponsored by the Trinity Foundation Ministry held in Johnson City Tennessee. For those who have never heard of the Trinity Foundation it is an apologetic ministry devoted to promoting the philosophy of Gordon Clark known as Scriptural Presuppositionalism. Most Christians have at some point heard of the word presuppositionalism. The word itself seems to be rather evident as to its meaning. As Christians we suppose God and His word to be true before entertaining any arguments regarding their defense. The question is why do we presuppose this to be true? This is what presuppositionalism purports to answer. Continue reading


 The 2013 Bolton Conference

The Bolton Conference has come and gone once again. This year’s conference themes were entitled ‘The Christian’s Confession and Living as Christ’s Church.’ As usual, it was a wonderful time of teaching, preaching, praise and fellowship with the many believers who attended. I have to say, the messages this year were especially helpful in terms of what they were intended to address. Continue reading

Christian Church Conferences

After posting a short blog on The Bolton Conference I want to express a few thoughts concerning Christian conferences in general. I have been to many great conferences over the years and have heard many great speakers. All conferences however are not created equal. Some I have been to have been very impact ful on my spiritual life, while others have been far less. I think that a conference is an excellent way to bring a group of Christians together for a spiritual retreat of sorts. Beside the teaching one finds in such a conference there is also tremendous fellowship with other believers to enjoy. I have known many Christians through no other means than by the annual conference I might see them at. A conference brings Christians together from different churches for a brief period of time under the teaching, prayer and singing of the usual conference setting. And beside all of that there is of course the book table. I have purchased many excellent Christian books at one of these conferences that have been extremely helpful to me in my Christian walk. Continue reading

The Bolton Conference

The Bolton Conference has just come and gone. I was thinking about it and some of the material that was covered this year. But first I should say something about the conference itself before I say anything else. Continue reading