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Christ Came From the House of David


Another Christmas season is here in America and the focus of it is already the same as usual. Black Friday touched the season off with its Christmas bargains and the throngs of wild-eyed shoppers that lined up to get them. We are told on the news that this is a good thing for the economy, for the stores look to this season to make the bulk of their yearly sales in it. Whether they manage to do this or not has nothing to do with the reason for Christmas. Christmas is supposed to be a time of remembrance of the birthday of the most important person in history ever to be born, Jesus of Nazareth. How the gift of a Savior to the world from the God who made it turned into a season filled with crass materialism, I’ll never know. Wasn’t Christmas supposed to be a religious holiday, or so we have been told for generations? Continue reading


The First Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving day is soon upon us, a day in which most households in America will prepare to partake of a feast consisting of turkey, with an assortment of other associated foods. There will be the usual sports events on this day as well, in which the men will sit around the television set drinking beer and stuffing themselves with junk food. Continue reading