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The Holy Scriptures, Part 2 – Introduction


What is the Bible? To some this might seem to be a silly question. But considering the fact that few people in modern civilized society today ever read it or know much about it, it shouldn’t be too silly a question to ask. Here is a book that has been around for thousands of years, a book virtually everyone knows exists, but it is also one in which few people have the vaguest notion of what is in it or what it actually says. Today in public schools the study of comparative religion is taught, sometimes even at the elementary school level. So everyone knows that the Bible is a religious book, but most would rate it alongside other religious books such as the Bhagavad Gita of the Hindus, or the Tibetan Book of the Dead, or the Muslim Koran, or for that matter the Book of Mormon. Continue reading


The Holy Scriptures, Part 1 – Preface


An interest in writing on the subject of the Holy Scriptures, is one that has been with me a long time. I’ve had a strong desire for the study of God’s word since the first day that I knew my sins were forgiven in Christ. This love that I have is not just for a few favorite topics contained in the Scripture such as the gospel, law, history and prophecy. I have a deep love for the study of Scripture itself in every area, for it is the revelation of God to mankind. Early on in my spiritual pilgrimage I became aware of the fact that there was an abundant supply of Bible translations to choose from, and so, like everyone else I was forced to make a choice of which one of these I should use for my own study. I believe that the direction I took toward the selection of one of these versions was just like everything else that had just occurred in the circumstance of my conversion. It was the result of the Lord’s will. That is to say, the choice I eventually made in which translation to use was providential will. Continue reading