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God’s Covenant, Part 15 – Covenant Promise(s)

3-God’s Covenant Broken

The original relationship with God Adam had soon turned out to be quite untenable. This was owing to the fact that when a certain opportunity arose, he did exactly what he was warned not to do, and by it, suffered the penalty attached to it (Gen. 3:1-19). It would seem from this text that no sooner did Adam and his wife’s new life together in the garden begin than trouble entered Paradise. This came in the form of a new creature introduced to us in this text, by which then a test was placed before them, as to whether their commitment to the Creator would stand or fall. Continue reading


God’s Covenant, Part 14 – Covenant Promise(s)

2-God’s Promise and Reward According to Works

Having considered the eternal nature of God’s covenant concerning the promise of redemption, we now turn to the application of it regarding His creation. God, in fulfillment of His eternal decree, made the heavens and the earth and all that is in them (Gen. 1:1). And He made it all very good. Continue reading

God’s Covenant, Part 13 – Covenant Promise(s)

B-The Eternal Covenant

Having viewed God’s Covenant in the broadest sense of the term in regard to the promise of salvation, we will now attempt to examine it further, and in greater detail. The approach we will take is to break the subject down into its several different parts. Once this is done, then each one can be examined in the light Scripture. By doing this, our view of the larger picture will develop into a clearer and fuller image. Continue reading

God’s Covenant, Part 12 – Covenant Promise(s)

IV. The Covenant Promise(s)

Having completed the first three parts of an ongoing series of essays on God’s Covenant, we now consider the fourth one which is His covenant promise. Immediately, clarification of what is meant by the singular term promise should be made. The Bible is full of promises which God has made to men, from the beginning to the end of it. When the singular term promise is stated here, it is done so in order to convey the idea that all promises of God culminate in one single, overarching purpose, hence, the use of the word promise in the singular form. Over the course of several more essays we hope to bring forth this promise of God in its many manifestations, all in conjunction with a consideration of His Covenant. Continue reading

God’s Covenant, Part 11 – God’s Purpose

C-The Purpose of God in Providence

We now come to the place where it is necessary to consider the purpose of God as it unfolds in history in regard to the division of time. Scripture reveals God’s decree as it concerns the covenant, as a work that progressively unfolds; concerning the decree, it is eternal; concerning the covenant, it has a beginning and it has an end. The end in view according to God’s decree is the ultimate revelation of God’s perfected, glorified kingdom. Because of this fact, there is a design to history that is revealed only by Scripture. The worldling cannot see this, and alas, many Christians influenced by man-centered views of the kingdom have failed to see the design and sovereign hand of God in it as well. Here, we want to look more closely at how God’s covenant interrelates with history and time. More specifically, we want to look at and consider the design of its unfolding in a broad sense. Minute details will be developed in time, but for now it is well to view the development of the kingdom as a structure built upon the purpose of God. In order to do this, perhaps it would be helpful to review what we have already considered concerning God’s covenant purpose from Scripture, a simple outline of this will suffice. Continue reading